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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Lauren is quite average, in most ways. She lives in an average sized town, is of average height, average shoe size, and she has an average amount of cardigan sweaters in her closet. However, Lauren is not so average when it comes to one thing: hiding. Lauren is excellent at hiding, which comes from how socially awkward she is. You see Lauren has somewhat of a social phobia, she is afraid of being around people. Lauren is the world champion of hide and seek. In secret of course, because she’s too afraid of people to show them how well she can hide. Being the secret champion of hiding, Lauren hides everywhere she goes. As she goes about her daily activities, she conceals herself among her surroundings to ensure that she won’t have to interact with other people. Being as talented at hiding as she is, Lauren is never seen by anyone. But sometimes, while she’s hiding away from the world, she secretly wishes she would be found. One day, after hiding in all the places she had been to so far, she decided enough was enough. She was out in the city, hiding amongst the crowds of people, getting lost in a sea of faces where no one would notice her. She decided to sit down on the sidewalk, and let herself be seen. After awhile the large crowds of people were gone and Lauren was the only one left. Lauren noticed a boy sitting down the block from her, looking just as uncomfortable. Deciding to be brave, Lauren got up and went over to the boy to introduce herself. And Lauren found that this boy was not only just as awkward as she was, but he loved to play hide and seek too! They became instant friends and bonded over hiding from people, but at least now they were not hiding alone.











Props to Helen: Part B

Part B

Props to Helen

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