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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Photo Extension Finals:


Florescent Pigments:


Expressive Line


Story Extension (Bravery/Cowardice):

In the last story, Lauren became friends with Cody. Since they were both still rather awkward, they continued hiding everywhere they went. Except now they weren’t hiding alone, they were hiding together. After awhile they got bored with hiding all the time. They tried to pass the time hiding together, but now that they knew what it was like to have a friend, they wanted to experience other things in the world. They wanted adventure. So one day, they decided to become explorers. They were tired of watching other people go on exciting expeditions, and they wanted to have some of their own.


Image Extensions



Florescent Pigments:




Story Extension (Bravery/Cowardice):

I’m continuing my story with the friendship between Lauren and Cody after the first story ended. Even though they have each other now, they’re still naturally awkward and want to hide everywhere they go. They only difference is that now they are hiding together. Through these panels you see them slowly start coming out into the world more. In the original panel and the first extension, they’re still hiding and trying to blend in to their surroundings. In the second extension, they’re out in the open but still only interacting with each other. In the final two panels, I’m going to show them being more bold and brave and doing things that are completely unnatural for them, maybe even talking to other people.