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For my final project, I want to move forward on a project that I’ve already started but haven’t had the time to get as in depth as I would have liked to. I’m doing a photo documentary where I interview and photograph people from all different walks of life, different ages, ethnicities, upbringings, and career paths; and I’m asking all of these people the same basic question: “What one thing would you change about the world, and what’s stopping you from doing it?” I think that everyone spends so much time talking about the world being different, and things that should change, but not many people actually think they could do anything about it. I want to inspire the people I interview and the people who see my project to think that maybe they could do something, to at least move the world in the right direction towards the change they want to see. My final product of this project will be a book that I’m planning to publish myself using or a similar site if I find one that costs less.

I’ve looked into some famous documentary photographers, such as Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, Diane Arbus, W. Eugene Smith, and Dorothea Lange. All of these photographers focused on documenting people and life as it happens everyday. Most of these photographers have used their work to show people the things in life that not everyone sees, like Diane Arbus with her Circus performers, W. Eugene Smith did with his images of WWII from the front lines, and Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine did with their work depicting child labor in the early 1900’s. All of these people wanted to create a social change with the work that they showed, whether it be educating people of the truths of life that they were unaware of, or making changes to the country’s child labor laws. Even just to make people believe in the power of themselves a little bit more, which is what I hope to accomplish.

Examples of documentary photography:

Jacob Riis

Dorothea Lange

W. Eugene Smith

Lewis Hine

Diane Arbus


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