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Here are some of the interviews I did the first time I did this project, the questions will remain the same, but I’d like to get the photos to show more personality and be more interesting compositions than these are. I also plan to shoot digitally instead of with film, so I can make sure I’m getting exactly what I want.

Age 36, Gallery Associate

What would you change about the world?
“I guess I would change the economy, exactly how I’m not sure but, it just needs to be better across the board. There are so many hardships around the world, and people trying so hard and other people who don’t. It should be fairer I guess, so yeah I would change the economy.”

What’s stopping you?
“I think as far as working retail, we try to keep a price range for people who are on a budget, so we help in that respect. As far as the big picture, I do my part at home by recycling, reusing products, making a lot of my own stuff and my own clothes, things like that. Unfortunately, I think it needs to start from higher up and work it’s way down.”

Age 20, College Student

What would you change about the world?
“I would change the economic classes, I think everybody should have the same opportunities and they don’t. There shouldn’t be absorbently rich people and then people who can’t even feed themselves. That’s what I would change about the world.”

What’s stopping you?
“I don’t know, I guess I feel I don’t have that much of an effect on policies that the government comes up with, unless I vote on it, and I’m voting the way I feel. So I do that. I guess it’s hard to take care of other people, when you can barely take care of yourself. I wish I could be doing more.”

Age 76, Retired School Teacher

What would you change about the world?

“I guess if I could change Mother Nature, so that people like the Haitians wouldn’t be in the condition they’re in now, and other countries that have suffered disasters, I’d change that.”

What’s stopping you?
“I don’t know what I could do. I don’t think I could do anything. I guess we’d have to talk to God about that, we have no power over Mother Nature, so I couldn’t do anything.”


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