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Book Layout:

Three Questions Asked:

-What do you think about the basic page layout and the color scheme?

-What do you think of the questions being asked?

-Are there any other changes you would make?

Repeated Comments:

-Black and White theme works well

-Questions are interesting, the first is broad enough that they can answer without feeling restrained or having anything structuring their answer. The first catches them off guard because it’s easy to say you’d do something but actually doing it is totally different.

-The photographs could be more natural, and maybe correlate with the answers to the questions more.


Everyone who critiqued said they liked the color scheme and the simple layout of the book, they felt it was nice and didn’t distract from the work itself. They also all agreed that the questions were good, and that they did what was mentioned above in regards to catching people off guard. Most people said they wouldn’t really change anything else, other than a couple said they’d like to see more of a correlation between the portraits and the answers to the questions.


I’d definitely like to make the photographs go along with the answers more, what I’ve mostly been looking for is just that the person is showing personality in the photograph. It’s so hard to tell someone you’re going to take their portrait and get them to not freeze up in that cheesy portrait smile that looks completely fake. So I’m shooting them while they answer the questions as well as afterward, so hopefully I can achieve more natural poses instead of such static ones.

Five Week Plan:

April 14: Have more interviews done, continue interviewing, and continue to layout the book. Write the opening letter from me, the blurbs for the dust-jacket sleeves, etc.

April 21: Continue collecting interviews and laying out the book.

April 28: Last week to interview, go to the writing tutor to have all writing checked and edited, finalize layout of the book.

May 5: Book should be finished and ordered by May 1st to ensure that it will arrive before the last day of class.

May 12: Finished book will be turned in as final project.


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