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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Project Description:

For my project I decided to continue a photo documentary I started in my Art and Tech class at the beginning of this semester and compile it into a book. I interviewed people asking them two questions: “What one thing would you change about the world?” and “What’s stopping you?” I asked these questions because I feel like I always hear people talking about how things should be different or what things they wish would change, but hardly ever hear of people doing things to actually make those changes happen. So I interviewed people and took a photograph of each of them, some were people I already knew, some were complete strangers. I would like to get more interviews, from people in different places and more varying ages, so maybe I’ll continue on with this project in the future.



According to my schedule, I should have ordered my book from the online publishing company already. However, the publishing/shipping timing was going to cut it kind of close, so I’ve moved to another publishing option. OfficeMax and Staples both will bind books if you bring in a pdf file for them, so I’m going to take my book to one of those places this weekend and do that instead. That way it won’t cost me $60 to make this book and I’ll have a few more days to work on it.

All the interviews are layed out for the book already, I just need to take the cover photos and write up the introduction letter. Both of which I plan to do in class today.