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Classical Music Interpretation

Final Video:


Video (Incomplete):


1. Why this particular song/piece?
I really like this song because I think it has a really uplifting tone to it, and a lot of the classical music I listened to while researching for this project sounded kind of melancholy, and some of it was really intimidating. This song is really light and happy, it reminds me a lot of spring, which is my favorite season and the one I like best of all five panels.
2. how does this song effect your color scheme – why?
The song reminds me of being outside, which in turn makes me think of how the sky’s color changes with the seasons. And how the colors of everything shift with the varying seasons as well.
3. why your using this specific set of images and how does it effect the
content of the movie. (music choice, historical, symbolic, etc.)
Classical music has been around for over 600 years, it’s seen so many different kinds of life and different types of people have been able to enjoy it throughout these years. The one thing that stays continually throughout the history of classical music is the seasons and how the world we see changes every day and every year. I wanted to show someone walking through all of these shifts in the world.

4. what do you hope the viewer’s experience is? (emotional, political,

I hope the viewer enjoys what they see, I hope the music also makes them think of being outside and of how beautiful the changes in seasons are. Although personally, I could do with a little less winter. I think it will be an emotional type of reaction, or at least I hope it will be.

Final Panels:

First Draft Panels:


My music genre is classical. The song I chose is Symphony in D Major: I. Allegro Assai, which can be heard here.

Western Classical music was first exemplified in Christian liturgical music during the Medieval period, but it’s influences date back to the ancient Greeks. The music was mostly used for religious purposes up until the Renaissance and the Common Practice period, where it took on a new life as a form of entertainment. Classical music has been used  as a form of entertainment and a large part of life since the 1400s, and in going with that I want to show the world that we experience everyday in my interpretation of the music.

I want to encorporate elements of the seasons into my piece, using media from different things like magazines and scanned 3d elements to create a collaged environment. Then I’m going to place a person that I’ve photographed moving through this environment. I want to make the environment look surreal, sort of like an imagined world that the person in the piece has created in their head. Color wise, I’m going to move from neutral to chromatic colors within the same color scheme for all the panels.

Here are some photos I found for inspiration:

This is kind of like what I want to do, only more with photographic elements.

Photo Extension Finals:


Florescent Pigments:


Expressive Line


Story Extension (Bravery/Cowardice):

In the last story, Lauren became friends with Cody. Since they were both still rather awkward, they continued hiding everywhere they went. Except now they weren’t hiding alone, they were hiding together. After awhile they got bored with hiding all the time. They tried to pass the time hiding together, but now that they knew what it was like to have a friend, they wanted to experience other things in the world. They wanted adventure. So one day, they decided to become explorers. They were tired of watching other people go on exciting expeditions, and they wanted to have some of their own.

Image Extensions



Florescent Pigments:




Story Extension (Bravery/Cowardice):

I’m continuing my story with the friendship between Lauren and Cody after the first story ended. Even though they have each other now, they’re still naturally awkward and want to hide everywhere they go. They only difference is that now they are hiding together. Through these panels you see them slowly start coming out into the world more. In the original panel and the first extension, they’re still hiding and trying to blend in to their surroundings. In the second extension, they’re out in the open but still only interacting with each other. In the final two panels, I’m going to show them being more bold and brave and doing things that are completely unnatural for them, maybe even talking to other people.

















Lauren is quite average, in most ways. She lives in an average sized town, is of average height, average shoe size, and she has an average amount of cardigan sweaters in her closet. However, Lauren is not so average when it comes to one thing: hiding. Lauren is excellent at hiding, which comes from how socially awkward she is. You see Lauren has somewhat of a social phobia, she is afraid of being around people. Lauren is the world champion of hide and seek. In secret of course, because she’s too afraid of people to show them how well she can hide. Being the secret champion of hiding, Lauren hides everywhere she goes. As she goes about her daily activities, she conceals herself among her surroundings to ensure that she won’t have to interact with other people. Being as talented at hiding as she is, Lauren is never seen by anyone. But sometimes, while she’s hiding away from the world, she secretly wishes she would be found. One day, after hiding in all the places she had been to so far, she decided enough was enough. She was out in the city, hiding amongst the crowds of people, getting lost in a sea of faces where no one would notice her. She decided to sit down on the sidewalk, and let herself be seen. After awhile the large crowds of people were gone and Lauren was the only one left. Lauren noticed a boy sitting down the block from her, looking just as uncomfortable. Deciding to be brave, Lauren got up and went over to the boy to introduce herself. And Lauren found that this boy was not only just as awkward as she was, but he loved to play hide and seek too! They became instant friends and bonded over hiding from people, but at least now they were not hiding alone.










Props to Helen: Part B

Part B

Props to Helen

Here are my wonderful little thumbnails. Enjoy!

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